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Update on Foreign Excluded Investment Products

MAS has updated the regulatory requirements relating to SIPs and EIPs. With effect from 4 January 2013, foreign shares (e.g. Citigroup listed on NYSE) and other overseas-listed investment products which would otherwise be considered EIPs on SGX would now be reclassified as EIPs as well. Clients who have not passed the CAR can now trade in these foreign EIPs.

All clients will be required to accept the RWS upon first login to this platform after 3 January 2013.

List of Tradeable Stocks

To assist you with managing your investment risks, we are pleased to avail you with trading facilities for the larger US-listed securities. In order to provide greater transparency and convenience, the list of US-listed securities which can be traded online (with current market capitalisation greater than US$1 billion) can be viewed here.

Clients who already hold other stocks in their online portfolios can continue to sell them online.

Clients who wish to purchase other stocks may seek assistance from their Trading Representatives.

Change in US Markets SEC Fee

With effect from the settlement date of 16 Feb 2016 (i.e. trades done from 10 Feb 2016), the SEC fee for US sell trades will be revised to US$21.80 per million dollars (0.00218%) .

A copy of the announcement can be found at

US markets: Delisting of VELOCITY SHARES 3X INV CRU (DWTI) and VELOCITY SHARES 3X LONG CR (UWTI) on 9 Dec 2016

Please be informed that VELOCITY SHARES 3X INV CRU (DWTI) and VELOCITY SHARES 3X LONG CR (UWTI) will be delisted on 9 Dec 2016. Please click here for more details.

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